You are paying high prices for electricity, which if often unreliable

Rs. 11 - 18 per unit

Backup Inverter

Rs. 15 - 18 per unit

Diesel Generator

Rs. 6 - 10 per unit

Grid Power

And it is increasing at 5 - 8% every year

But now you can control the electricity bills and get huge savings
Because solar is already cheaper than you think

Different Models Available

One Time Investment

Solar panels savings graph

  Initial Investment
  Monthly Solar Bill

Stop paying any electricity bills. Buy your own solarpanels and generate clean energy on your rooftop. You can also avail accelerated depreciation benefits.


Zero Investment, Monthly Payments

Solar power savings graph

  Initial Investment
  Monthly Solar Bill

You may generate solar power on your rooftop at zero investment. You don't pay for the solar panels, instead you pay only for the solar power that you use.

Solar panels savings graph

Reach the network of experienced solar installers

Solar panels savings graph

Get multiple verified quotations at a single point

Solar panels savings graph

Compare brands, prices, warranties & select the best

Solar panels savings graph

Sit back and relax, let our installers serve you

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